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At J.C. Williams Group we believe that to be an expert at something you have to commit to it, 100%, which is why retail is all we do. We don’t check in on the retail world periodically. We’re actually out there in the marketplace every day, working on projects and getting to know the two most important factors that impact a retailer’s business—the consumer and other retailers. We talk to people, listen to them, watch them, read about them. Quite simply, we never stop learning. This ensures that our knowledge is as current as it is in-depth. It also keeps our thinking fresh.
As a retail shop, we pride ourselves on the kind of customer service you just can’t get anywhere else. We shun hierarchy, preferring a more dynamic, relaxed, team-oriented approach. (For example, when you call our office, don’t be surprised if one of the partners answers the phone.) Whatever the project, you can be guaranteed that a senior partner will be involved from the beginning to the end and will be available to you every step of the way. So please, take a moment to come inside and browse through “The Retail Shop.” See for yourself how our retail business can help you to get more out of yours.

J.C. Williams Group can work with your organization to help synthesize the nuances of best practices and the intricacies of cutting-edge retail into your organization. If you have a new project, team meeting, or need help motivating your staff to think creatively, contact J.C. Williams Group for a Retail Study Tour Package, Workshop, or Speaking Engagement.

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