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MallMix — Data-based Store Selection
More often than not, the creation of a tenant mix is done on an experience-based system for leasing. Usually this can be a good practice, but it often leads to an imbalance of store offerings for shoppers and a loss of sales and revenue for landlords.

Now, industry leaders J.C. Williams Group and Environics Analytics bring shopping centers a sophisticated yet simple approach to creating a market-balanced and productive tenant mix. 
Our Services
MallMix uses a three-part analysis to develop insights that drive decisions. This three-step approach:
  1. Defines the target audience in your trade area
  2. Assesses how your retailers cover the market
  3. Determines sales and revenue growth potential 
For more information, download our MallMix Brochure.

Key Features
MallMix data and analysis from J.C. Williams Group and Environics Analytics:
  • Identifies sales and revenue opportunities
  • Gives in-depth information
  • Uses new methodology
  • Offers professional, third-party advice
  • Demonstrates leasing opportunities for gaps in the market
  • Identifies strategic and competitive opportunities

Benefits to You
MallMix gives senior management, leasing and asset management teams a never-seen-before analysis of mall productivity that relates directly to a specific property and the surrounding area.

With MallMix data and analysis from J.C. Williams Group and Environics Analytics, you'll make more informed decisions, develop concrete action plans for the best possible tenant mix strategy, and maximize rent revenue. 

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