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Get your team thinking!  North America has some of the most exciting retail in the world. Let J.C. Williams Group show you how to view retail through an alternative lens to assist your company in strategy and execution.
Our Services

All of our tours combine three essential elements:
  1. Exceptional Retail: dependent upon your objectives we will study retailers that fit your educational needs. From category-specific retail to best practices, we’ll walk you through and accentuate the things these retailers do well, and their vulnerabilities. We’ll talk about their online presence, merchandising and operational prowess, and how their staff fits into the picture. You’ll have industry experts at your side to answer your questions as they happen.
  2. Stimulating Experts: the advisors from J.C. Williams Group can’t stop talking about retail. They have learned over their years of experience how to engage an audience in thought-provoking discussion and will add their expertise to the conversation to help push forward your initiatives and priorities.
  3. Facilitated Group Discussion: at the end of the tour, we’ll help you and your team discuss what you’ve learned and how it can be applied to your internal structure.

Key Features

Custom designed tours to support your unique needs. We collaborate with you to understand your objectives and then apply our expertise to your tour. Our team can provide a guided tour and manage all of your logistics or prepare a self-guided tour for your team to execute on their own.

Benefits to You

Smart retailers watch the competition. Smarter retailers also study innovation. Let J.C. Williams Group provide a robust, alternative viewpoint in areas you are focusing your resources.

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