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Independent and small chain retailers are concerned with specific challenges that they feel are beyond the limited skill set of senior management. This can be triggered by slower rates, weak profits, or the need to introduce online retailing to the company.

J.C. Williams Group Senior Advisors have the array of skill sets and hands-on expertise to quickly identify issues and discuss action plans. We get in there and help fix the problem!
Our Services

J.C. Williams Group provides smaller retailers, shopping centers, and business improvement districts with a hands-on coaching service to fixing problems and increasing sales and profits. 

Based on our extensive experience, we work with retailers to review the following:
  • The viability of the store concept
  • Their target market
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Merchandise assortments, buying, and inventory control
  • Visual presentation, layout, and displays in the store
  • Staffing and sales promotions
  • Use of technology and systems
  • Other key issues that the retailers would like to review

Key Features
  1. A background questionnaire is sent in advance to gather facts on the store and its operation. This saves time, as we come prepared.
  2. For smaller groups, we provide an action packed, two-hour presentation and workshop following our book Building a Winning Retail Strategy to motivate and educate all participants.
  3. Each store is visited in detail. We review all background questionnaires, listen to problems, and work on solutions. It is a logical and interesting approach to increasing sales and profits. Ideas are exchanged and solutions agreed upon.
  4. Two weeks later, a written report is sent to the store owner or manager. It documents the background and an action plan based on the following: 
    1. Immediate action on low cost, high result solutions
    2. A second step that may require some expenditure
    3. A last phase for capital expenditures (only if necessary) that can be paid for from the profits from a) and b)
  5. A follow-up visit is made 4–6 weeks later to assess what has been done, what problems have cropped up, and what extra advice and ideas are needed. There is a short report following this visit, which encourages retailer action.
  6. A third visit follows to see how the program is being implemented and how it looks and feels in the store. These visits are meant to stimulate further action. A final report follows. 
Benefits to You

J.C. Williams Group advisors have years of retail experience and a solid program that has helped hundreds of retailers get out of trouble or become better operators. Also, fees are paid over several months and we make an effort to avoid costly solutions.

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