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Practice Specialties
J.C. Williams Group has a diverse background in all things retail!  Take a look through our practice specialties and find out more about how we can help your business grow.
Merchandising Optimization
J.C. Williams Group will help you drive sales, save costs and enhance performance through:
  1. Better Merchandising – improve the performance of your merchandise offering while delighting customers
  2. Resourceful Procurement and Sourcing – lower your cost structure and improve supplier or service provider performance while enhancing and regulating the quality of your products or services
  3. Efficient Supply Chain – improve the performance of your supply chain so both customer satisfaction and your return on inventory invested grows
Custom Research

We will provide you with the competitive intelligence and rigorous research that makes us thought leaders in marketing and strategic planning. We will work closely with your organization to determine your research needs and ensure that you maximize the return on your research investment.

Branding and Marketing
We understand that the end of marketing as we now know it and the evolution of the 4Ps into the total experience will create new brand leaders and redefine this sector.  
Digital & Omni-channel
Get multi-channel retail expertise grounded in over 20 years of strategic planning, market sizing, and industry research with multi-channel retailers including the world’s largest retailers and brands.   more...
Operations & Productivity
Streamline your operations so that the connection between store and field operations will function at top capacity. J.C. Williams Group has extensive first-hand experience in store initiatives, workforce management, store payroll, customer service, store services, technology, and key operating and customer conversion metrics.   more...
Product Development
For sales growth, innovation, and differentiation

The success of any retailer is highly reliant upon the relevance of its offering and its ability to differentiate from its competitors successfully.

Customer preferences, product needs, and shopping behaviors are now changing faster than ever. Increasingly, retail success depends on the retailer’s ability to meet evolving customer needs by staying one step ahead of the trends and building loyalty and trust.

Knowing what to innovate and how to do it effectively makes all the difference in realizing business goals. From idea generation to product and concept development strategies, J.C. Williams Group offers a wide range of solutions for clients to build profitability through innovation. Leading the market makes more business sense than scrambling to keep up. And we’re here to help you do it right!   more...
Human Capital Management
We’ll help you create a best-in-class human capital strategy that attracts and retains top people and optimizes your existing workforce.   more...
Real Estate and Urban Revitalization
Shopping center developers face major concerns and risks when committing huge sums of money to build large malls. Today, most markets are over-built with centers that are architect-led for design impact and tenanted with out-of-date concepts for stores, dining, services, entertainment, and culture.

J.C. Williams Group provides sound, statistically proven and experienced advice on choosing the right location, size, concept, tenants, leasing/operating procedures, marketing and management for shopping centers. We work as a key team member with the developers, engineers, architects, etc. to prepare a creative yet practical business plan. We ensure that the mall pleases and delights shoppers, works well for retailers, and generates strong revenue for the owners.
Legal Services
Litigators are concerned that a client's dispute, when supported by expert witnesses, may not withstand aggressive cross examination.

J.C. Williams Group provides both an unassailable submission and in-court credibility and gravitas that is based on professional experience and preparation.
Investor Services
“Move only when it benefits you” – Sunzi speaks the art of war   more...
Non-traditional Retail
J.C. Williams Group is the foremost retail expert in Canada supporting retailing practices and opportunities in non-traditional retail venues such as healthcare, higher education campuses and tourist attractions.

Innovative retail programs have become a key opportunity to generate new sources of revenue while also improving the user experience in each of these non-traditional retail venues.

Based on our extensive experience in the retail planning and food service worlds, we have developed a proven approach to maximizing the retail, food service revenue and overall customer experience.

We understand the complexities and many challenges each of these environments face.  The following represents just a sample of the many clients we have worked with.  
Strategy and Concept Development
We increase consumer-connected companies’ competitiveness – dramatically!
Almost all retailers and consumer-connected businesses hit periods of unaccounted slow sales or declining market share—usually a sign that a once successful strategy is no longer working. When this occurs, J.C. Williams Group applies strategic thinking processes and market research to revitalize a strategy or invent a new concept. We work with clients to ensure their business is unique, relevant, and powerfully competitive. We produce winners!   more...
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