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Merchandising Optimization
J.C. Williams Group will help you drive sales, save costs and enhance performance through:
  1. Better Merchandising – improve the performance of your merchandise offering while delighting customers
  2. Resourceful Procurement and Sourcing – lower your cost structure and improve supplier or service provider performance while enhancing and regulating the quality of your products or services
  3. Efficient Supply Chain – improve the performance of your supply chain so both customer satisfaction and your return on inventory invested grows
Our Services

1. Better Merchandising 
What you sell and the way you sell it are the two most important parts of a retailer's or manufacturer’s job.  If assortments aren’t focussed, branded correctly, priced right and don’t find a way to talk to customers you won’t drive volume.  It’s that simple and that hard.  Best-in-class companies have embraced key category management and merchandising optimization principles to amaze shoppers and buyers with new products offered in an inspiring, efficient way that exceeds their desires.  

We understand what it takes to win and will assist you to get there. We analyze your current state and perform a gap analysis to compare with proven best-practices.  We start with customer and competitive research that enables us (along with your teams) to build your category strategy and roles.  Together, we deliver a three-year plan that focuses on priorities and optimal resource allocation to deliver what customers want. We also help you with tactical activities that drive sales and lower costs.  This includes everything from private label branding to pricing strategies and tactics, SKU rationalization, plan-o-gram development and omni-channel synergy.

2. Resourceful Procurement and Sourcing
Best-in-class companies invest their resources into the art and science of how to procure products and services and how they manage partners.  What your organization buys, how you buy it, who you buy it from, under what terms, and with what agreements all significantly affect cost and customer satisfaction.  When these things are not strategically optimized and controlled, costs balloon, quality suffers and customers try someone else’s offering.  

We review your current state, highlight gaps to address, and based on proven industry best-practices, provide detailed and practical recommendations on your procurement and global sourcing capabilities.  J.C. Williams Group offers these same services regarding quality management and vendor management activities. We visit suppliers with you and review detailed supplier metrics and terms to ensure you are negotiating the best deal possible while protecting your supply and ultimate customer.  We have vast and deep knowledge and contacts in North America and around the globe to ensure we are providing the right scalable solution for you world-wide.  

3. Efficient Supply Chain
Retailers, manufacturers and other companies know that without a high performance and cost effective supply chain you won’t be very successful. They also know that supply chains must be nimble, operate in reverse when needed and be proactive to take advantage of changing customer demand. They must enable the solving of real-time problems like excess inventory and product recalls.  If properly managed your supply chain can become a strategic advantage that can be a key way to meet profit targets during a time of challenging sales growth.  

J.C. Williams Group starts with a current state assessment, gap analysis to industry best-practices and form detailed recommendations. J.C. Williams Group also offers expertise in reverse logistics re-engineering, proactively managing excess and distressed inventory, and product recall support. 

Key Features
What separates J.C. Williams Group from the crowd is that our Advisors have decades of real-life successful merchandising experience with leading retailers. We are merchants. Not only do we assist you in evaluating and designing your future state, we help you implement it. We know how your merchandising teams think and how to drive and manage successful change.  

We start by reviewing your current processes and talk to a variety of key people at all levels of your organization. We review detailed metrics, visit facilities, review process maps and more.  

Our solutions are practical and user friendly. We understand ROI and know first-hand what works and why.

Benefits to You
  • Increased sales (B2B and B2C)
  • Lowered costs (total cost of ownership, supply chain and acquisition cost, cost of defects)
  • Better ROI 
  • Improved customer satisfaction (in-stock, quality, ease of shopping)
  • Clear process, roles and accountabilities
  • Improved company cash flow and value
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