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We understand that the end of marketing as we now know it and the evolution of the 4Ps into the total experience will create new brand leaders and redefine this sector.  
Our Services

How we help deal with the new challenges and opportunities.

J.C. Williams Group can solve your branding and marketing problems holistically. We start with the facts: solid research and careful observation, and build from there. Our experts are the best in the field, with years of experience in the sector and the know-how to provide you with cutting-edge advice on everything from marketing and communication strategies to internal branding to ROI branding investments.

We offer strategic support in executing marketing, communication campaigns, promotions, and special events. We provide help with in-store point-of-sale issues, internal communications, brand audits, and workshops. J.C. Williams Group is also renowned for its dynamic roster of speakers on an up-to-the-minute range of topics.

Key Features

Experience and Expertise
J.C. Williams Group has helped launch and maintain hundreds of world-class brands. Over the past forty years, we’ve developed and fine-tuned an eight-step process that fuses fact-based scientific research with creative, outside-the-box thinking that deals with the challenges of traditional and new media.

Benefits to You

We provide you with a 360° view of how to build your business through marketing/communications/branding. This means everything from strategy to hands-on support to audit techniques. Our approach is tried and true, based on our experience in a vast range of categories and retail channels. We give you senior people to deal with your senior people and practical moves that can be applied quickly and efficiently.


We work with a varied client mix including:
  • Retailers: all channels and sizes
  • Shopping centers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Manufacturers
  • Governments
  • Media
  • Hospitals, universities, place branding

“J.C. Williams Group’s key attribute is their ability to assess a company’s brand needs and opportunities and then develop a customized approach to retail branding.”
Mary Pompili, CEO
Canada’s Walk of Fame

“J.C. Williams Group has the unique ability to provide both a strategic and action-oriented road map to retail branding. Lots of experts talk about the importance of brand building...J.C. Williams Group gives you a planning process to make it happen.”
Nancy Cardinal, VP Marketing
Bata International Benjamin Moore Canadian Tire
Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO)  

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