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“Move only when it benefits you” – Sunzi speaks the art of war
What We Offer
J.C. Williams Group and our global affiliates have a great deal of experience and knowledge in supporting investors. Our approach is always tailored to the client’s requirements and we draw on a substantial skill set in the team to deliver the required work scope. 

We work with a variety of different clients including banks, private equity firms, investment funds, accountants, law firms, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in providing experience based advice on the potential of a business.

Our services include pre-sales advice, operational and commercial due diligence, post acquisition strategy and portfolio improvement.

Key Features
J.C. Williams Group and our global affiliates offer you advice regarding:
  • Evaluation of markets and trends
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer insight
  • Product and merchandise mix development
  • Business plan and forecast review
  • Business model evaluation
  • Operations and management assessment
  • Competitiveness evaluation
  • Evaluation of risks and threats
  • Scalability
  • International expansion opportunities
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand strength and value analysis
  • Digital and omni-channel
  • Store portfolio evaluation
  • Branch operations evaluation
Our Services

  • Pre-sales advisory
    • We work with clients before the sales process to ensure sufficient ROI 
  • Operational and commercial due diligence
    • We  evaluate the current performance and future potential performance of an investment
  • Post-acquisition strategy
    • We work with clients after the acquisition to help them realize the implementation of the strategy  
  • Portfolio improvement
    • We work with investors, banks, restructuring advisors and recovery specialists to target key elements of underperformance and develop solutions

Benefits to You
  • A global perspective regarding a potential or existing investment
  • Someone who can act as a sounding board before, during and after a transaction to help you realize your ROI or help bring you back on track
  • Reduced risk as a result of more global and practical insights, recommendations and action plans 
  • Reassurance to move only when it benefits you!

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