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  • Three Key Takeaways from the NRF Big Show 2023

    As teased in our most recent Canadian NRB, last week our team attended the NRF Big Show 2023 in New York City. This year’s show was MASSIVE, with: With over 50 keynote sessions, 100 “big idea” sessions, and 950 exhibitors, it took us some time to absorb all the learning that took place over just […]

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  • In-Store Experiences and Discounts are Key for Holiday 2022 Success

    It is no surprise that this year’s holiday season will look dramatically different than any other. The combination of inflation, supply chain issues and a multi-demic creates a unique environment, that for many, would predict multiple things: Interestingly enough, only one of these is being predicted for the 2022 holiday season. Customers are Shopping Online […]

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  • Three Ways Automotive Retailers Needs to Innovate

    Automotive retail is changing.  The days of travelling to a giant dealership, dealing with a pushy salesman, and leaving feeling like you got ripped off are slowly becoming a thing of the past. On top of this, other retailers in the automotive industry are seeing another shift: Electric vehicles (EVs). In less than 10 years, […]

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  • Finding Your Noble Purpose

    What is your Noble Purpose? Your noble purpose is a complex concept, but one that can best be defined simply as how you create unique personal experiences for your employees and your customers. At its core, Noble Purpose implores us to express what is most true about the company and ourselves. Noble purpose: Has a […]

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  • Three New Retail Metrics and KPI Formulas for Tracking Business Success

    As all of us in the industry are well-aware, the COVID-19 pandemic and strict government regulations have forced retailers to innovate at a breakneck pace. As a result, traditional retail store metrics no longer reflect the current retail environment. Customers have turned up the pressure on retailers to meet their new and ever-changing shopping habits […]

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