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Retail Strategy

JCWG supports retail-related businesses with a proprietary approach that is based on a strategic model developed through nearly 50 years of experience guiding clients. Retail strategy must translate vision into a plan which addresses the client's resources to implement. JCWG focuses on delivering strategies with vision and is supported by a ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to operationalizing. JCWG applies strategic thinking processes and market research to develop or revitalize your strategy.

Resources and Techniques:

- Definition and prioritization of client goals, needs and wants

- Thought starter and results oriented workshops to enhance planning team input and integration of JCWG research and expertise

- Current situation snapshot, trade area analysis, market gap and competitive audits (physical and digital)

- Tenant and product curation, clustering and right sizing

- Tailored processes to match client cultural, operational and financial needs

- Productivity metrics and comparisons

- Active, fun and energized learning, sharing and strategizing experiences

- Financial modelling incorporating research findings

- Risk analysis and mitigation

- Threat and opportunity analysis

- Omnichannel platform harmonization

- Stakeholder and financing approval support

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