Concept Development & Space Planning

Concept Development services include background research, branding, right-sizing, capital budgeting all the way to detail design. JCWG can work from an idea or join a design process to enlighten, validate and support implementation. A vacant property can also be best filled from a concept development exercise.

It may be your idea, our research results, or both. Once a potential retail concept is identified is needs to be developed and validated. The JCWG team has the capacity to develop the concept characteristics from aesthetic & functional planning, design standards, location requirements, capital requirement and validation through demand, trade area and benchmarking analysis.

Resources and Techniques:

  • Functional planning and programming
  • Concept design and development of design standards
  • Detailed design services including base building requirements
  • Marketing plan and strategy execution
  • Management and staffing selection
  • Tenant mix and product curation
  • Short term and long term KPI definition and monitoring
  • Operational audits
  • Expertise sourcing and partnering
  • Site selection, design development and project enduring, operations human resources, start up inventories, and capital costing
  • Physical programming and concept design