Research & Insights

The amount of data available to customer-centric businesses can be overwhelming. Understanding the metrics’ influence on strategy is imperative to success. An experienced eye can save a lot of time and misguided investment to provide relevant and actionable insights.

The JCWG project team collaborative approach provides access to unparalleled experience to mine and capitalize on.

Resources and Techniques:

  • Custom market studies and benchmarking
  • Market sounding and listening
  • Case studies
  • Global resources through our International partners, The Ebeltoft Group
  • Demand assessment and market share analysis
  • Daytime population data, tracking, and analyzing where consumers are and when
  • Quantitative consumer data gathering, both published and unpublished, from various external sources and our personal database gathered from industry projects
  • Qualitative data gathering and insights
  • Interviews (consumer and executive), focus groups, online surveys, and social listening
  • Employee and customer motivational metrics
  • Research validation and interpretation to insights