Store Tours and Trade Show Curation

It can be overwhelming to visit a new city and try to see all the stores that are applicable to your business. JCWG’s team of experts collaborate with you to identify and guide store tours from your industry, but the team will also identify applicable concepts from other industries that will help your business become an innovator in brick-and-mortar.

Trade shows and conferences are often so content rich that it can feel like you are missing out on valuable presentations and expo booths. The JCWG advisors have been through it and are adept at not only identifying what content is more worth your time, but synergizing a conference’s worth of learning into actionable takeaways.

Our services include:

  • Store tours of retailers, both from your industry and applicable concepts from others,
  • Session content and booth curation to make sure the team gets the most out of industry trade shows and conferences, and
  • Pre/post trade show debrief meetings with teams to collaborate and identify key takeaways for your business.