Global Retail Trends & Innovations 2022


In 2021, retailers and brands were asked to consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

The ‘New Retail’ is the new normal: customers expect omnichannel experiences. They want to engage with the brand both digitally and in-store. At the same time, customers value efficiency and fast solutions to their needs.

In Retail Innovations 17, we have evaluated 50 innovative cases from 19 countries all around the globe. Change is here. Retailers must adapt to survive, which will be a major challenge for everyone. But it is also an opportunity to reinvent yourself. The moment for innovation is now!

Let’s get inspired!


Global Retail Trends & Innovations 2021


In 2020 the world turned upside down. The Covid-19 pandemic led to major shifts within retail and transformed the way consumers shop like never before.

The Global Retail Trends and Innovation 2021 takes a look at 50 unique case studies from around the globe that have pivoted or adapted to the new retail landscape.


Global Retail Trends & Innovations 2020


In 2020, we celebrated 15 years of global retail trend tracking analysis and more than 40 years of supporting our retail customers around the world.

Together with our esteemed partners, The Ebeltoft Group, we help today’s retailers, developers and manufacturers prepare for the ongoing changes shaping the retail marketplace. Global Retail & Trends Innovations 2020 highlights 40 innovative cases and examples from 18 countries.


Retail Trends & Innovations - Past Collections

For over a decade, we have been tracking retail innovations and new store concepts around the globe. In collaboration with the Ebeltoft Group,

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