Services Offered

Retail Strategy

Retailers, Shopping Centres, Main Streets, Community Planning, Healthcare, Education, Transit, Foodservice

JCWG supports retail-related businesses with a proprietary approach that is based on a strategic model developed through nearly 50 years of experience guiding clients. Retail strategy must translate vision into a plan which addresses the client’s resources to implement. JCWG focuses on delivering strategies with vision and is supported by a ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to operationalizing. JCWG applies strategic thinking processes and market research to develop or revitalize your strategy.

  • Definition and prioritization of client goals, needs and wants
  • Thought starter and results oriented workshops to enhance planning team input and integration of JCWG research and expertise
  • Current situation snapshot, trade area analysis, market gap, and competitive audits (physical and digital)
  • Tenant and product curation, clustering, and right sizing
  • Tailored processes to match client cultural, operational, and financial needs
  • Productivity metrics and comparisons
  • Active, fun, and energized learning, sharing, and strategizing experiences
  • Financial modelling incorporating research findings
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Threat and opportunity analysis
  • Omnichannel platform harmonization
  • Stakeholder and financing approval support

Research & Insights

Retailers, Shopping Centres, Main Streets, Community Planning, Healthcare, Education, Transit, Foodservice

The amount of data available to customer-centric businesses can be overwhelming. Understanding the metrics’ influence on strategy is imperative to success. An experienced eye can save a lot of time and misguided investment to provide relevant and actionable insights.

The JCWG project team collaborative approach provides access to unparalleled experience to mine and capitalize on.

  • Custom market studies and benchmarking
  • Market sounding and listening
  • Case studies
  • Global resources through our International partners, The Ebeltoft Group
  • Demand assessment and market share analysis
  • Daytime population data, tracking, and analyzing where consumers are and when
  • Quantitative consumer data gathering, both published and unpublished, from various external sources and our personal database gathered from industry projects
  • Qualitative data gathering and insights
  • Interviews (consumer and executive), focus groups, online surveys, and social listening
  • Employee and customer motivational metrics
  • Research validation and interpretation to insights

Branding & Marketing

Retailers, Main Streets, Education, Foodservice

Winning brand equity must happen on so many platforms in today’s retail world with a consistent message and quantifiable return. JCWG understands comprehensive internal and external brand messaging that identifies the uniqueness and market advantage of a retail busines. Your collaboration with the JCWG team will strengthen your marketing strategy to build stronger connections with your audience through your brand.

  • Brand assessments
  • Unique selling proposition, noble purpose, and differentiation authentication
  • Brand and marketing implementation
  • Communications plans
  • Insightful transition to row market share from research
  • Customer feedback and product evaluation

Concept Development & Space Planning

Retailers, Shopping Centres, Healthcare, Education, Transit, Foodservice

Concept Development services include background research, branding, right-sizing, capital budgeting all the way to detail design. JCWG can work from an idea or join a design process to enlighten, validate and support implementation. A vacant property can also be best filled from a concept development exercise.

It may be your idea, our research results, or both. Once a potential retail concept is identified is needs to be developed and validated. The JCWG team has the capacity to develop the concept characteristics from aesthetic & functional planning, design standards, location requirements, capital requirement and validation through demand, trade area and benchmarking analysis.

  • Functional planning and programming
  • Concept design and development of design standards
  • Detailed design services including base building requirements
  • Marketing plan and strategy execution
  • Management and staffing selection
  • Tenant mix and product curation
  • Short term and long term KPI definition and monitoring
  • Operational audits
  • Expertise sourcing and partnering
  • Site selection, design development and project enduring, operations human resources, start up inventories, and capital costing
  • Physical programming and concept design

Expert Witness & Advisory Services


There are many moving parts in a customer-centric business, and you may encounter legal setbacks and disputes at any stage of your business journey. Your collaboration with the JCWG team will provide you with expert reports and testimony in trials and hearings while advising legal counsel to ensure that you have the necessary resources required to manage and support litigation impacting every aspect of your case.

  • Discovery
  • Expert report preparation
  • Trial testimony
  • Business strategy review
  • Determination of damages

Real Estate & Community Master Planning

Retailers, Shopping Centres, Main Streets, Community Planning, Healthcare, Education, Transit

Your vision for a thriving business is integral to any economic infrastructure; your customers are at the centre of all planning and decisions. Creating a clear and concise roadmap that factors every facet of the customers’ experience is crucial for success. Your plan must consider vendors, tenants, landlords, developers, government agencies, and other facilities that your retail space will benefit or affect. Your collaboration with the JCWG team will ensure a detailed master plan that includes clear objectives supported by extensive research that considers every component of your business community.

  • Retail demand calculations
  • Trade area analysis
  • Market gaps and opportunities
  • Zoning and space requirements
  • Retail supply audits
  • Trade area psychographics and demographics
  • Pedestrian and traffic counts

Our team draws on proven experience in adapting to evolving market trends to ensure strategic positioning and sustained success for your venture.

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