Simple is Better Messaging

Often the simple, straightforward way is the best. Looking at the Woolworth’s Department store in Cape Town, South Africa (2012 International Responsible Retailer of the Year) demonstrates this communications principle.

We’ve all seen fancy or complicated packaging. And the ingredients information on jars and boxes requires a magnifying glass for reading ease. Too often, one has to strain to get the message.

This is not the case at Woolworth’s Grocery Department! Their food floor has a powerful and arresting series of posters that have strong, simple statements about food quality.

J.C. Williams Group thinks these are great examples for other stores to emulate!

Woolworths 1
Store of the year!

Woolworths 2
Saving the environment doesn’t have to end

Woolworths 3

Woolworths 4
Woolworth’s plans sustainable food

Woolworths 5    Woolworths 6

Woolworths 7    Woolworths 8

Woolworths 9
Great messaging…

Woolworths 10
Done with a bit of humour

Woolworths 11    Woolworths 12

Woolworths 13

Woolworths 14

Woolworths 15

Woolworths 16
Woolworth’s tied in this power product quality campaign with WRewards (10% off), Taste magazine and The Daily Difference newspaper. Very nice!


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