Too Much Control… Is Bad for Business Health!

I know, I know—someone got hurt. And a kid got a stomach ache. But why can’t a bit of common sense come into play?

Just look at this fabulous street market in Cape Town’s central walking street. Venders brighten up an otherwise pretty dull situation with their amazing craft stalls.

And the slow-cooked fast food stalls were jammed with downtown workers enjoying an extraordinary array of homemade cooking. And look! No sneeze guards, no electronic registers. Just fabulous looking food and happy customers. I’m sure there are incubator cooks who will progress into their own full-shop businesses from these events! Hey New York, Toronto, Philadelphia—time to loosen up!

Cape Town street 1  Cape Town street 2

Cape Town street 3  Cape Town street 4

Cape Town street 5  Cape Town street 6

Cape Town street 7  Cape Town street 8

Cape Town street 9  Cape Town street 10

Cape Town street 11  Cape Town street 12

Cape Town street 13  Cape Town street 14


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