A Really Hot Brand!

Visiting Las Vegas is like landing on another planet. Nothing is real.

Fake cities…New York, New York; Paris, Paris; Venice, London; and surreal casinos, people, and environments!

Add to all this is the battle of branded restaurants and food experiences. If there is a winner, it appears to be Gordon Ramsey. He runs the gourmet from “haute to hot” — the latter being “Burgr.” This Burgr experience starts with banners that almost decimate the hotel, and posters.

The issue is – is the Gordon Ramsey brand getting bigger than the casino brand?

image 1 gordon

The Burgr/Gordon Ramsey sign dominates the building (above).

The drama starts with barbecue-like flames at the entrance.

IMG_0411The exterior hypes Gordon.

IMG_0415Wait-staff computer entry stations.

IMG_0414iPad menus

IMG_01733-Dimension menus

IMG_0176Open kitchen

IMG_0182And really, really great Burgr’s. Yes, it was worth it!



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