What’s Next in Pop-up Stores?

We’ve seen pop-up Target stores in Times Square and Toronto’s club district, Purina pet food cafés for cats, calendar stores in malls at Christmas, one-off promotional products, and a Patagonia brand shop on upper 3rd Avenue, New York City.

But finally, a pop-up that is needed! In Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps or stops partying, you can find the love-of-your-life…and get hitched in the “Pop-up Wedding Chapel”— where everything is provided for you.

For those who want it legal — or their parents do!

pic 1

A room and ceremony for $419! Wow. I paid that much for a room and I was alone!


But if you are not 100% sure, “On a Whim” or “Hitched in a Hurry” (faux ceremonies) are for the “love-of-your-life” that you met earlier in the evening.


Located on The Strip.


Featured is a nice white chapel with rows of chairs and tables for the reception refreshments.


Display for gifts.


Handy-dandy bar for immediate gratification.



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