Retail Inspiration from the East — A Visit to Central World, Bangkok

Look up Thailand and Shopping on Google, and you get 119 million results to look through. Look up Thailand alone and you get 880 million results. Why does shopping in Thailand make up 14% of its hits? Historically known for its cheap finds and bargain deals, the capital city of Bangkok has come a long way, impressing tourists and locals with more than just deals.

We visited CentralWorld in Bangkok, one of the world’s largest malls at 550,000 square meters. Upscale and well-presented retail make this a local favorite as well as a tourist hotspot for buying the most coveted brands and experiencing some exciting retail browsing.

As a way of engaging with customers during the holidays, Wall’s provides free ice cream in exchange for customers posting a photo of themselves with Snoopy.



CentralWorld’s high-end department store, ZEN, is all about customer service.  From your regular gift vouchers to providing a bag drop for tourists to enable a comfortable shopping experience.


ZEN’s displays for the holidays are unique and inspiring, giving consumers ideas for shopping and displaying products in fun and fashionable ways to make shopping an enjoyable experience.



The children’s department shows you why it’s fun to be a kid! Instead of just the regular kid mannequins, ZEN features large toy mannequins as well.



Stepping outside of ZEN department store and walking around CentralMall you will find many creative kiosks.  They are made out of glass so you can see every nook and cranny of their creativity and great displays.  Whether you want to put in a pop-up store or a kiosk or are a local vendor, this is how you do it so you get customers coming back each and every time they want to shop.






Many shopping malls are finding ways to entertain their customers beyond shopping and CentralWorld is no exception.  The Rink provides daily activities for kids so parents are able to kick back with a coffee as they relax and watch.



For those who like to enjoy a view of their next dream car as they dine, the BMW Diner caters to auto enthusiasts!


CentralWorld is an example of the modern shopping centers that popping up all over Southeast Asia.  The creativity shown from retailing to dining to services gives shoppers an unparalleled high-end and inspiring experience to be enjoyed.


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