Barcelona Breakouts! New Merchandising Ideas to Super-charge Store Sales (and some lessons that a couple of local stores could learn!)

Zara Home extends Zara’s fast-fashion, high-value appeal into Home – in-store and online!


Zara tightly themes its merchandise and colour stories to great effect!

IMG_2595  IMG_2597

It’s not every store that can leap from one commodity or product group to another. Often when product expansion is done, the result is weaker than the “strong original concept.” So proceed slowly with lots of testing, and with care.

Oysho nicely extends the idea of lingerie into at-home “lounge wear.”

IMG_2615  IMG_2616  IMG_2617

Barcelona’s famous FC-wear builds powerful colour stories for great impact.

IMG_2625 IMG_2626

We at J.C. Williams Group think North American retailers too often miss the colour opportunity. In a “sea of dark colours” the creative retailer breaks through and differentiates with colour!

The Power of a Single Offer! Buy it – or don’t, but at a low price it’s more often than not…buy it!

It’s pretty simple! 1 idea, 2 products, great price!

IMG_2660  IMG_2662

Again, it’s simple! 1 idea, 1 product, 1 price, and bountiful choices!


The idea is:

  • simple to produce or offer
  • simple to demonstrate
  • simple to create quality and value
  • simple to sell.

DAVIDsTEA and Teavana pales in comparison to this tea shop.

IMG_2667 IMG_2668 IMG_2670

It was impossible to walk by this store. People slowed down, looked at the windows, and many went in and shopped! Did they need the teas? Of course not, but here were great convenience and gift ideas to be purchased for fun, and the joy of colour!

The packaging is strong enough to “be the store” and “be the reason for purchase”!

IMG_2674  IMG_2675 IMG_2676


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