Nike’s New Brand Shrine in Soho, NYC Sets New Standards

Jammed into crowded lower Broadway, it’s hard to take the full measure of Nike’s exciting temple to the essence of Nike. But once inside you can’t escape it.

Movement is everywhere. And most of your senses are stimulated with movement, color, sound, texture and, action. An interesting thing is that all of this is engaging—not overwhelming.

There are many sets of interaction and connection.

Traditional mannequins show the goods.

Information is offered in translucent posters or on digital signage.

Special product features are highlighted.

Interaction and trial is executed in many ways: running treadmills, soccer room, basketball court.

There is drama in the store design!

Shoe Walk of Fame

The Nike experience is enhanced in all these ways, but in particular by their abundant, friendly, engaging sales associates. They were all “Just doing it”—having fun and pleasing shoppers in a total environment that extends Nike’s brand essence to the next level.

Well done Nike!


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