Eataly Toronto – Another Home Run for Retail Experience

After years of planning and months of anticipation, the new Eataly Toronto opened to much fanfare on Wednesday, November 13th and J.C. Williams Group was there for all the sampling and excitement at the pre-opening. If you are not able to be in Toronto or you can’t get in the store because of the crowds, read on. We bring you lots of pictures and our commentary.

First some facts. This Eataly is in a 50,000+ square foot space on Toronto’s Mink Mile aka Bloor Street.  The three-storey space includes 4 service restaurants, 9 service counters, 650 seats and 13 ventilation hoods as well as an expansive, dynamic grocery area and La Scuola di Eataly cooking school. Coming in the new year will be a full service, upscale Milanese trattoria.

Our take – This Eataly does not disappoint. All of the hallmarks that make Eataly a huge success around the world are here. The wonderful products from Italy combined with the best of local fresh foods all hitting on the current hot buttons in food – sustainability, local, cruelty free and good for the environment all wrapped in an exciting presentation package. The food service areas overlook the corner of Bloor and Bay Street making for the bonus of great people-watching along with all the yummy food. Quite simply a home run!

Great location visibility for three areas of WOW

Colour and great presentation

Onsite theatre of food preparation of the basics

Commitment to local and sustainability

Lots of messaging about their philosophy


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