2020 Global Retail Trends & Innovations – Coming soon!

J. C. Williams Group is proud to announce our new book in collaboration with the Ebeltoft Group: 2020 Global Retail Trends & Innovations! This new edition will be arriving soon, but here is a teaser of the great content to come.

Retail is Ever-changing

The future landscape of global retail

Stores have become more relevant than ever, as consumers seek
and crave experiences to share. At the same time, retail has never
gone through greater transformation. We have noticed a major shift
in consumer behavior and values driven by technology and new,
innovative industry players, who constantly disrupt and drive consumer
expectations upward. The notable younger generations – Millennials
and Generation Z – who grew up alongside digital transformation, are
paving the way for brand new shopping behaviors and values. Online is
no longer a separate entity, but an expectation and counterpart to other
shopping channels. Technology has reached a new level of innovation
and is the ground for ultra-personalized shopping experiences, where
new disruptive waves are changing the game.

Change is here. Retailers must adapt and accept it. The moment for
innovation is now.

Trends to Watch in 2020

Ebeltoft Group has been monitoring brand and store innovations
for more than a decade, uncovering trends both underlying and
emerging in modern retail. Our retail experts around the world join
forces to share insights from their local markets that will inspire
your ideas to innovate and future-proof your business. We have
evaluated more than 40 innovative cases from more than 18
countries, revealing four different retail trends to create a detailed
big picture of what’s to come

Award-winning Innovation Case

NIKE House of Innovation, U. S. A.

Nike NYC is designed to be a dynamic store environment, as personal and responsive as it is digital. The premium destination offers an authentic, immersive, human connection to the Nike brand.

Nike NYC engages consumers with best-in-class digital and physical services combined with premium products, experiences, and features, to create a new benchmark for Nike retail. Powered by digital commerce data and inspired by Nike’s newest retail concept, Nike Live, the ground floor features the new Nike Speed Shop, offering on-the-go access to products local members know and love. Consumers can shop these uniquely curated NYC favorites alongside seasonal picks, visit the Nike Sneaker Bar for easy access to Nike’s biggest power franchise footwear, or reserve items via the Nike app and pick them up in the Speed Shop digital lockers.

Nike NYC
  • Fitting into the future.
    • Creating a great in-store experience for customers has been a recurring trend, however, ways of creating this experience change over time. Nike NYC does a great job of fitting into the newest elements of this trend.
  • Reimagined experience.
    • The store’s large size, unique features, and elaborate displays feed into the creation of this engaging in-store experience for consumers and help build ties to the brand.
  • The sum of its parts.
    • The store’s integration of digital and physical experiences through its use of data and integration of Nike’s app into the store experience is a great example of omni integration.

Ebeltoft Group Expert Comment

Nike’s new flagship store, Nike NYC, is uniquely digital, personal, and responsive. The store creates an engaging destination that helps consumers build a unique connection to the Nike brand.

Nike NYC offers a variety of unique features. The store uses digital commerce data and offers onthe-go access to products curated for NYC locals. Customers also can reserve items with the Nike app and pick them up in Speed Shop digital lockers. This makes great use of connecting the digital and physical experiences.

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