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  • Target Teases Toronto

    Target Pop-up store Thursday February 23, 2012 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. These guys from Minneapolis are very, very good—no doubt about it! Located just a couple of blocks from central Toronto, this pop-up store created what pop-up stores are supposed to create—BUZZ! At opening the store was surrounded with TV trucks and a […]

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  • Retailing’s Newest Battle

    Retailing’s newest battle is far more than Banner vs. Banner. It’s a head-on-clash between channels—namely traditional retail stores and malls vs. Amazon and specialists. The relatively new upstart offers just about everything a shopper could ask for: lower prices, no sales tax, huge assortments, speedy delivery, easy returns, shop and buy at your leisure, credit, […]

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  • Retailing’s New Anchors

    They are called “anchors” or anchor stores. They are the cornerstone to downtowns, shopping centers, and large neighborhoods. They command deep respect from urban planners, real estate developers, and city management. They get special attention, lease deals, and zoning. They are the foundation of urban revitalization and shopping patterns.  Who are they? They were traditional, […]

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